June - August

Held in genuine affection by the public for her years on national television, and her acting career, Alyce is also highly regarded by her peers as a singer, songwriter and recording artist.  She has collaborated and recorded with a diverse array of Australian producers and musicians.  J. P. Shilo of the Hungry Ghosts produced and recorded her critically acclaimed album, BEAUTIFUL DEATH (2004).

Alyce and a small combo of musicians from her amazing band, The Fish-shop Collective, will be performing special shows this winter in unique destinations in and around Melbourne and regional Victoria and NSW; places that have an atmosphere perfect for focused listening to music that will transport the audience to ‘faraway dreamy’ places.

 “What a band … Alyce’s songs are special and she delivers ‘em in a very compelling manner, often staring out at the audience with the gaze of a dazzled innocent.  I was thoroughly bewitched by the wonderful music and the door it opened into a very cool and groovy world”
Steve Kilbey (The Church)

These intimate shows will happen in halls, galleries, churches, wineries and other singular places: high teas / musical evening soirées /café society / laidback lounge vibes / parlour shows / salon recitals / libraries / wineries / old pubs and clubs. 

Alyce released the EP, Cowboys in the Attic (2000) with Pete Farnan from Boom Crash Opera, which sparked international interest leading to gigs at the ‘Mink’ and ‘The Gig’ on Melrose in L.A.

"I am genuinely shocked.  A cut and spliced mix of Portishead / Kate Bush and some enormous audio explosions that one would not have thought likely to appear on the CD of an ex-Sale of the Century presenter... like I said... Shocked! - Peter Kowarsky Cumbersome Records

“One of 2004’s biggest surprises…a compelling song cycle that sucks you in with its gentle power. Like the artist herself, this CD is unique - a sublime blend of sound and emotion unlike anything else you’ll find in the music stores at the moment” - Mike Bartlett - The Weekly Review

“…there’s been a deluge of female singer-songwriters in the past few years.  Many have been bland Alanis-clones.  But in Melbourne we are lucky to have some originals who are forging their own path… add Platt to that list” - Jeff Jenkins – Howzat

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