I've signed up to play, but I haven't played a gig yet. How long do I have to wait? 

It can take time to find the right host for you - but we believe they are out there. The best thing you can do to get the ball rolling is post the Host Form on your socials and ask a fan / friend / loved one to host you. Or better yet, host yourself! We also have a list of things you can do now to make sure you're Parlour Gig ready - check it out here

What do Parlour do? 

Parlour connects you with a host, handles ticketing and handles all the communications with the guests. All you need to do is turn up  and do what you do best. 

What about PA systems?

We believe that PA systems can get in the way of a good Parlour Gig. If the gig is under 70 people, we recommend not using a PA. However, in some circumstances we understand that they are necessary. We can connect you with a PA provider at a cost that will be deducted from your performance fee. 

How does payment work?

After the show, we will request an invoice from you. We will then pay you within 7 days directly to your bank account. 

What % of ticket sales will be paid to me?

Parlour will pay 80% of ticket sales, less booking fee directly to you. 

Can you feature / video my gig? 

Maybe! If we can feature your Parlour gig we'll let you know a few weeks prior. We don't charge for video / content production.