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  • Playing Parlour house concerts has been a real joy. By the time I leave each house concert I feel like I have spent the afternoon or evening with my own family and friends!
    — Bob Evans
  • I think the concept is great. It’s the purest exchange of music you can have with someone and especially important for being a touring artist in Australia.
    — Fraser A Gorman
  • Firstly, it’s very important to note that Parlour gigs don't just feed your pockets, they restore your faith in humanity. We've done 30 Parlour gigs around Australia now, and they always bring a connection between us and our audience like no other show can.
    — Jordie Lane
  • People seem more relaxed to let their hair down amongst friends and in a familiar environment.
    — Nicky Bomba
  • It’s so cool that Parlour connects artists with people who want to host house concerts, because how else would you get in touch with each other?
    — Mia Dyson
  • Parlour is a giant lung-full o’ fresh air. All the cheer of Christmas Day without the bigoted drunk uncle. I was comfortable and content. That’s a great way to be while singing about my complex yet unoriginal feelings. Thank you Parlour. Looking forward to next time.
    — Alex Gow (Oh Mercy)
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