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BAND OF DAWN is an all-nation battalion of musical renegades fronted by Kimberley Dawn Lysons. This high energy ensemble synthesize ethereal vocals, intricately textured sound and an exotic 'East meets West' neo-Victorian aesthetic to create a mystical engagement with musical smoke and mirrors, rooted in Dawn’s real-life history... (including an Indian Princess from Agra, her Great Great Grandmother...).
-Excerpt from Woodford Folk Festival Programme Book.

Band Of Dawn is:
Kimberley Dawn Lysons (Singer, Songwriter); Hwiemtun (Singer, Dancer, Drummer, Storyteller); Brent Moetara (Vocals, Blues Harp); Mark Hillman (Vocals, Electric Guitar); Nicole Brophy (Vocals, Guitar); Rike Wolf (Vocals, Cello); Richard Grantham (Electric Viola); Tilly Jane (Vocals, Keys); Justin Fimmel (Drums); Debie Curd (Tribal Percussion); Lauren Mackay (Vocals).

Band Of Dawn can perform in any arrangement from a 3-piece ensemble, a 4/5-piece all female folk arrangement - to a 10 piece fully charged folk rock band. The band consists of an immense cultural diversity... Their bloodlines include: India, First Nations (CAN/USA), Maori, Scandinavia, Philippines, Germany, Basque Country, Argentina, PNG, Egypt, Ireland, Wales.... this all-nation cultural melting pot is very much celebrated in the instrumentation and aesthetic of the band, including their extravagant costuming, some of which has been crafted by Clockwork Butterfly (Melbourne neo-victorian designer) and Dawn herself.

DAWN and the Album: The Spinning Jenny: VOL 1 & 2
A beguiling entity formed around the creative collaborations of Australian/Canadian folk rock songstress Kimberley Dawn and artists including Jeff Martin, frontman of Canadian band The Tea Party, and Luke Moller, Nashville-based Violinist. 

Volume I of The Spinning Jenny was first released in May 2013 and the LONG awaited Volume II will be debuted at Woodford Folk Festival 2017... Each of the album’s original songs is a fully-conceived story, blending graceful melodies and poetic lyrics to convey true, intelligent emotion. Whether she’s describing the slow burn of love, the loss of childhood or the irresistible lure of shadows in the night, Dawn plays with rhythm, metaphors, and sound – including the cawing of ravens – to carry us away with her.

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