East Coast Australia

Ben Ely is generally known for his work with the band REGURGITATOR and other various projects, though over the last few years has spent a large amount of time writing and recording solo works.

After spending 16 years living in the southern capital cities Ben relocated back to his home town of Brisbane at the start of 2016. Driving around the city visiting certain locations in the inner city brought back recollections and feelings of events that took place in his youth. Flashbacks of stage diving for the first time at St Pauls Tavern in Spring Hill... his first girl friend getting possessed by the Devil out at Capalaba... getting into car chases with violent bouncers in Red Hill... and many other bizarre events that now seem like an entire life time away.

These stories made their way subconciously into his new songs that compose what is his latest album STRANGE TALES OF DRUGS & LOST LOVE. Ben will be performing these new songs from this album as well as a few from his last solo album GOODBYE MACHINE... and even the odd REGURGITATOR tune as he treks around playing some solo shows over Sept & Oct.

Buckle in and prepare to be transported back in time to the 90's inner city of Brisbane for some STRANGE TALES OF DRUGS & LOST LOVE.
Album out SEPT 15.


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