Parlour Gig Tips - Part 1.

So you’ve booked in your favourite local muso and tickets to your Parlour gig have sold out.

How do you prepare?

Remember – the best Parlour gigs are imbued with their host's personality. In short: use what you have. Your Parlour gig doesn't have to cost anything much – our best advice: keep it simple.

Here are a few things that have worked for us on our journey so far:

  • Candles / Fairylights/Lanterns: Nighttime gig? These atmospheric lighting options are both super cheap and can transform your backyard or living room.
  • Invite / tell your neighbours about your Parlour gig : Sadly, most city dwellers don’t know their neighbours. This is the perfect opportunity to knock on their door and ask them along to your house concert. If you’re not comfortable, that’s cool, but we would recommend that you tell your neighbours about your event in any case. 
  • Create a green room somewhere in the house for your artists: It’s all well and good for you and your friends to chat to your artist – but make sure they have a space to hang out and collect themselves before and after they play. A bedroom or your living room will work well.
  • Encourage your friends to bring a plate of home made food or something delicious to drink
  •  Allow an hour for your friends to arrive and mingle before the music begins.
  • Do you need a PA? Ask the artist. If you agree that you need one – reach out to a local hire company. A small PA will set you back about $70 for the night.
  • Create a space where people are willing to listen. This is what Parlour is all about – your unique space allows your friends and loved ones to really hear your favourite artist.
  • Introduce the artist before they play. You can talk about how you found their music, and what it means to you. Make sure to thank the artist and your friends for being a part of your Parlour gig.

In the end, it's all about host creativity. You don't have to stick to fairy lights and ukeleles. German techno themed glitter party? Why not. It's your show. 

Photography by Elliot Ryan.