Want to play a Parlour Gig?

Can I play a Parlour Gig? 

We'd love you to! 

Playing a Parlour Gig is one of the most unique experiences you can have as a performer. Many of the artists that perform at our events are unknown by most of the guests at the event - so it's the perfect way to introduce your music and create new and dedicated fans. 

So how do I get to play a Parlour Gig?

All you need to do is fill out this form and we'll begin pitching you to suitable hosts that pop up. 

Is there a faster way for me to play a Parlour Gig?

Yes sir! You can make your Parlour Gig happen much faster by posting our Host Form on your social media channels and asking your fans to host you.

Not only is this the best way to play a Parlour Gig soon, it's also the best way to grow your fan base in a real unique way. Encourage your fans to host you! 

What does Parlour do?

We make sure the host's venue is appropriate for you and your music. We provide the host with the tools to begin selling online tickets to your Parlour Gig. We also come to the gig, provide sound equipment (if necessary) and capture beautiful photo's and video for you and the host to share. 

Will I get paid?

Yes. We love paying artist's for their hard work. We pay 90% of ticket sales back to the artist. After the show, we'll ask you to send us an invoice and we'll get you paid. 

Can I promote the Parlour Gig?

No! It's a secret. It's also the host's job to sell tickets to the show. You just need to turn up and do what you do best. 

Can I sell merchandise?

Yes. We think that's a great idea. We won't take any commissions from merch sales.

Can I use the photo's / video from the show? 

Yes please. We'll send you a link with a review / photo's and video from your Parlour Gig. We'd love you to share it. 

That's it. Simple!

   Love,  Parlour