5 Tips for a Parlour Gig to rule your neighbourhood.

You don’t have to have a decked out designer home in a dreamy part of suburbia to host an awesome gig that will impress the pants off your neighbours.

Scene set for Thelma Plum 

Scene set for Thelma Plum 

Here at Parlour we don’t think you need a huge garden oasis, carefully planned gourmet menu or expensive drinks to create an amazing vessel for live music. A Parlour gig is about expressing your creativity and producing an intimate setting for music to be appreciated in its most raw, unadorned form. 

Of course, you can devise a theme for your gig or pull out all the stops with a creative menu to impress the artist and your mates but your gig will be just as special if you head to the local IGA to pick up some party pies and hang balloons on the back fence- children’s birthday party style. The point here is that hosting a Parlour gig doesn’t have to be hard work, it’s all about curating a unique experience that you and your mates will enjoy and supporting a local artist in the process. 

Guest at Playwrite Gig - full Rambo attire 

Guest at Playwrite Gig - full Rambo attire 

Here are 5 tips to get your Parlour gig on the go: 

1 - Choose a local Aussie act that you’d like to support- if you’re not sure or want to be surprised we’ll find the right fit for you.

 2- Invite all (or some) of your mates- I’m talking 10 of your closest friends or 70 people from your local community. Think about reaching out to work colleagues or neighbours that you've never spoken to before- who knows, you might make some new mates in the process. 

 3 - Curate your dream setting for select artist- anything from a couple of bean bags in your back yard to a Rambo themed affair (no joke, this has been done before!)

 4 - Think about providing some drinks and nibbles to kick off the pre-gig mingling. Tacos, pizza, fruit salad or your favourite punch are all yum additions to a party- stuck for ideas? check out previous gigs for inspiration.

 5 - Don't stress- when the day (or evening or night) arrives just eat, drink, boogie, mingle and enjoy the experience that you've created.

See? Simple. All you need is a house and some mates.

It doesn't matter where your place is, how big or how small - Parlour gigs are happening all over the country!

Sign up as a host and get your dream gig up and running ASAP

Article by Juliette Lalli