How to Host- Decoration Tips and Tricks

Who doesn’t love a dress-up party? Ridiculous themes that get all your mates involved and break down any awkward barriers that might be up. If you all look like idiots then there’s no problem, no one is left out and everyone has a good time.

I’m writing so enthusiastically because I really love crazy themes but not everyone is as eager, I know that. To some people dress-up parties are more hassle than they’re worth. Because we know that not everyone is this enthused about themes and dress-ups, at Parlour we don’t require you to have a special theme for your gig, it’s absolutely enough to throw some cushions on the floor of your living room and pass around a few bottles of wine for your guests.

Simple backdrops that don’t distract from the music can be the best way to cater for your artist and guests. You could simply hang an old sheet as a backdrop for your artist and hook up a few lamps to create shadows as they play. If you have some decking that never gets used to its full potential, offer the band a small stage and arrange your mates on plastic chairs on the surrounding grass. Got some fairy lights locked away in the shed? Great, hang them on your trees to create a frame for the band.

Whether you’re the kind of person who eagerly awaits invites to themed affairs or someone who takes immense pride in their suburban backyard oasis, someone who loves landscape design or someone who is so busy with life that you’d be happier to use whatever you’ve got lying around to set the scene, we’re not fussed. We’d love anyone who loves music to open up their homes to a local artist and set the scene how they’d like it to be set.

Decorating your home for a Parlour gig can be as simple or as complicated as you like. It’s good to remember that as long as you have music and some engaged guests you’re guaranteed to have, and provide a good time for all.

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Article by Juliette Lalli