Serious Payment for Your Serious Career

Artists, this one’s for you...


Here, at Parlour we exist primarily to push the music industry towards a changed future economy, where being a musician isn’t just a hobby addressed alongside your other two or three day jobs. Unfortunately, it’s a fact that 87% of Australian musicians supplement their income with a second job .This fact exists because, in the current environment it’s not realistic or economical to be a full-time musician.

We want passionate people to be able to put their all into their creative talents, and receive realistic returns that will push them towards a continued career in music.

We don’t want musicians to practice passionately for days before a gig and leave the night with a half smile and a mere $50 in their pockets; we wouldn’t call that fair, and we don’t want to see it continued.

Too many musicians give up on their passion, or toss it to the sidelines to focus on money-making careers that will help them sustain a steady income - seriously, we don't blame them.

After playing a Pub gig, all overheads have to be covered before a musician gets anything at all. Because of this, 45% of Australian musicians are paid below the minimum wage. At Parlour, we have created a platform that eliminates these overheads, meaning that 80% of profits go to you, the artist.

By changing the payment structure of a gig, we have begun a movement towards a fairer future for Australian musicians. We want to see money in your hands, smiles on your faces and more full-time artists in our community.

We promise you :

  • Minimum fee of $300
  • No capped maximum fee
  • An engaged crowd in an intimate setting
  • An experience rewarded with fair payment to inspire your continued commitment to a career in music.