2017 - Our Best Year Yet.

Lisa Mitchell hosted by Gabby in Gherang, VIC

Lisa Mitchell hosted by Gabby in Gherang, VIC

It’s mind boggling to think about where we were just 1 year ago, but it’s impossible to forget. 

We were holed up in a friends office - rent free (thanks Daryl!) and well, struggling to make ends meet. Glenn and I had just made our first hire - Matthew McEgan - an 18 year old fresh out of year 12. The three of us were working on our first big tour - Bob Evans’ Xmas run. Our processes were shoddy and our platform kept breaking. We were all mucking in - learning about our customers in real time and working long hard hours on the third floor of a poorly insulated building with no windows or air-conditioning.  

Still, it was a magic time. After 2 years of stagnated, patchy growth - we were seeing people sign up in droves to host gigs at their houses. We were on the edge of our seats every day.

Since then, we’ve toured some of the biggest artists in the country, through 750+ homes around Aus & NZ and paid close to $1 Million to artists. Artists from all walks of life (established to emerging) have used Parlour to re-energise their fans, build community and actually turn a profit with their art. I personally love that our most booked artists are emerging, hard workers that have built their fanbase the old way - by playing. A lot.

Brilliant artists like Mojo Juju, Bobby Alu, Jack Carty, Jordie Lane, Oh Pep!, Liz Stringer, Daniel Champagne & Lisa Mitchell. These artists are using Parlour to build a real and lasting fan-base; going suburb to suburb - sometimes two gigs a day. They use social media to amplify their journey. They are breaking the mould, challenging the misconception that they can somehow damage their brand by playing too much. These artists will have long lasting, fruitful careers.

Jack Carty hosted by Nicola in Kununurra, WA

Jack Carty hosted by Nicola in Kununurra, WA

This is all made possible by our incredible hosts - these super-fans that take an active role in introducing the music they love to their friends with Parlour. The experience of hosting a gig at your house is like nothing else - you're opening your home to your friends and family, and sharing the music you love with them. There's something about the combination of live music in your own home that is so indescribably special.
In the world of streaming services like Spotify, we're becoming far more independent with our music tastes and can easily curate our own radio stations. Parlour hosts are furthering this ethos, introducing their friends to the music they love and helping that artist build their community of fans. To all the hosts throughout 2017, you truly are some of the best people going around and we can't thank you enough.

Internally, we’ve grown to a team of 8 incredibly talented, music loving people (myself and Glenn included - obviously!)

Every day, we come to work and help artists connect with their fans in a new way and make great money from their art. And we’re just getting started. We have some huge announcements coming in 2018. Watch this space.

Matt Walters
Founder / Director