A Q&A with Fraser A. Gorman!

Fraser A. Gorman has just wrapped up his first Parlour Tour and we've had one of the best responses from hosts and guests yet! So we thought we'd ask him a few questions about his experience; here are his answers.

What's the biggest difference between playing a Parlour Gig and playing a venue show?

I'd say the biggest difference is the space and the intimacy that comes with it. Obviously playing in people's houses/backyards is usually a smaller, more intimate affair so the literal connection between you and the audience is up more close and personal. I say that in a nice way, it's a lovely environment to play tunes to a really receptive audience.

What was the best thing about your Parlour Tour?
The best thing about the parlour tour was the lovely reception from the guests/punters, the very adequate and efficient payment system and the super fun shows I got to play and music I got to share with heaps of really nice people from across the country. Also at pretty much all of the shows, I got fed a meal (or some kind of food, that was lovely, thanks hosts!).

What was the most difficult thing about the shows?
To be honest, nothing was really difficult about them at all. 
I had to set up and pack up my own PA at the gigs, but that's no big deal. As a musician, I'm used to bumping in and bumping out of venues so doing more or less the same thing in houses and backyards was just as easy. I had no crew so I had to do sound too, but my PA is very simple and I know how to make it sound great.....
So nothing was difficult about the shows at all.

Is it weird to play at stranger's houses?
This question comes up a lot from many different people... and the answer is, not at all!!
I'd played a few house concerts in the past, and they were always wonderful experiences. It's basically the purest exchange of music you can have with someone, so I really like it.....
And as far as "weird" goes..... try doing a regular extensive tour of Australia in regional venues.... then you'll really know what "weird" is... haha
Playing original music outside of the capital cities of Australia can be quite difficult sometimes, for a variety of reasons.

Would you do it again? Why?
Absolutely, I honestly had a really fun time doing the tour and found it to be a really positive experience. I want to try and figure out a way to do one with a band one day...

What would you change if you did it again?
THIS IS KEY (for musicians considering doing a parlour tour)
You can get an iPhone attachment from Officeworks called "square" I think, it's an EFTPOS machine for your phone.
It allows you to sell merch after your gigs to people who don't carry cash (AKA everybody in the world these days).....
I only had this EFTPOS attachment at my last 2 shows of the tour and it made a big difference....
Every working musician in the world should get this app/attachment thingy.....


Any other comments/feedback about Parlour?
I think the concept is great and especially important for being a touring artist living in Australia where there are very limited cities and venues to play music in nationwide.....
I would strongly suggest to any musician that I know considering doing a parlour show or shows to get out there and do it. The Parlour staff are total legends too and are very helpful and easy to work with, for the musician and for the gig host.