A Q&A with Nicky Bomba

What's the biggest difference between playing a Parlour Gig and playing a venue show?

Definitely the intimacy you get when you are in that environment  People also seem more relaxed to let their hair down amongst friends and in a familiar environment.

I've had some classic scenarios where the host has come up to me after the show saying...'That is the first time ever that we've seen so and so have a dance'


What was the best thing about your Parlour Gig?

They are all different in their own little way but I did one out bush and the whole place was decorated like a Calypso party and they even learnt 3 of my songs.

(I had to learn the words in a hurry to save face!) 


What was the most difficult thing about the shows?

Getting the flow of the evening is crucial. You don't want the performance happening while people are queuing at the BBQ for food. It happened once... and only once..


Is it weird to play at people's houses?

Not at all. I'm very comfortable with that environment. I always manage to get into the kitchen to see what's in the fridge too. Sometimes even during my set..


Would you do it again? Why?

Absolutely! I think these type of performances are close to what music and songs are designed for. Storytelling, singalongs etc in a small group where you can feel the energy 


What would you change if you did it again?

I'd have someone set up and set down the sound gear for me.   It's the last thing you want to do when you're energy is spent!

Any other comments/feedback about Parlour?

I think you could develop a national touring circuit of house parties. Australian House Party tour. I'd do it in a flash!