Darren Cross founder of Sydney's eclectic electronic rock group, Gerling and more recently of Jep and Dep fame has recently released his debut solo album '_Xantastic' on his new independent record label No Drums Records. 

Earlier this year he also released the album on the French record label 'Rockers Die Younger' and played over 30 shows in Paris, Berlin, Belguim and The Netherlands.

Mixing 60's folk protest songs and apocalyptic folktronica, most of the album is a questioning and trying to make sense of the rapid developments of globally minded governments, technology, the feverishly expanding population, community, and a gentrified world: with the usual amounts of sorrow of human existence peppered throughout...'_Xantastic' can be described as downbeat. 

For the intimate Parlour shows Darren will perform his songs with only an acoustic guitar,some folky guitar tunings and a harmonica - something he has been developing since Gerling called it a day and switched off their drum machines.

Rhythms magazine said "melancholy, plaintiff and downbeat in the vein of Nick Drake, Beck, Neil Young and Bill Callahan".

Indierock mag France said "A beautiful surprise, an album whose power of seduction manages not to erode, on the contrary, it returns with a pleasure each time tenfold. The mark of a great album certainly".
Rolling Stone magazine said "nostalgic, with his lonesome vocals, unmistakably his own".


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