Melbourne, VIC

"I've done one Parlour show and it was very enjoyable. So that's 100% strike rate. Lets keep it that way. I'm not an awkward person but I reserve the right to be so. I do my best to keep most situations very formal. I mean, intimacy at a performance is not my thing. I pride myself on my force field. So, happy to have a go at these. Just think of me as a Vulcan. I don't do any household, domestic or sexual chores. And don't blame me IF YOU STAND TOO CLOSE TO THE FIRE! 

Dave Graney is a guitar player, songwriter, singer, performer, author and broadcaster who was born in country South Australia and resides in the hills of Melbourne. He performs regularly nationwide. Workshy is his third book, and will be released on Affirm Press in October 2017. He’s won ARIA awards, been celebrated in Melbourne as a LIVING LEGEND and was adjudged “brother from another scene” in TRACKS magazine 1993. 

LETS GET TIGHT, recorded , mixed and produced with partner Clare Moore , is out now through their label, COCKAIGNE
Dave also plays bass in Harry Howard and the NDE. 

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