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DIDIRRI, described as a sombre folk dandy from Warrnambool, happily calls Melbourne home.

His close to chest songwriting hints at unrepentant regret, a detail keenly observed by someone who has not yet been numbed by life. 

When performing, his uninhibited lyrics tug on the raw exposed nerves while the melodies soothe one’s heartbreak. Crafted in a seemingly transparent language that nearly always draw from own experience. His songs cascade the audience to relatable depths, which at twenty-two shows noteworthy maturity. His richly textured vocal style, interjected with a touch of gentle humour is reflective of a humble upbringing. His earthy performance seesaws with emotion and ends with a sense of balance and innate fullness.

His sound and general character, are a blend of nostalgic sensibilities and modern escapades, that suggest a promise of something completely in its’ own class. 

Drawing influences from the genius of Joni Mitchell, Glen Hansard, Jeff Buckley, Stephen Fry, and Tina Fey, he is reluctant to seek shelter beneath the arrangements of symmetrical songwriting. 

After completing more than the socially acceptable level of schooling, It didn’t take Didirri long to realise that he wanted more than the ordinary. Presented with his two personal preferences he says “I either wanted to be a cop or a muso but I lack the discipline to complete paperwork so…”

But it’s more than that according to Didirri… songwriting is a constant within, like a pendulum inside the creative core, you have to go with it.  “It is an accidental exposure of emotion, for a moment I’ll be embarrassed to be showing that I feel more for something than I should. You’re exposed. It’s a whirlwind.

In the past six months gaining ‘gig fit’ status in the support ranks to artists like Oh Pep!, Jordie LaneTash SultanaPierce Brothers, and Timberwolf

Consider the release of ‘Blind You’ the beginning of a very exciting upwards hike.

His blue collared attitude and hard working nine-to-five approach, coupled with his clear talent and humble brag will unintentionally impress and leave you thinking — If anyone can, he will. 

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