We're super excited to have you signed up to play a Parlour Gig.

Before we get properly cracking, we wanted to send through a little checklist of tips to help you get gig-ready.

1. Make sure we have links to your best content
Please, please, please send us links to your best Soundcloud / YouTube songs! If you don't have this kind of content, consider recording some to send through to us... Most of our hosts are super keen to support emerging local talent, and this type of digital content will really help them get a sense of your sound and what you're all about.

2. Ask your friends and family

People in our existing networks are always our biggest supporters, so we'd suggest a good initial step is to ask your close circles of family/friends to host your first gig. Plus in most areas we have fab videographers who can record the gig, so you'll have some beautiful content to post afterwards. Post this link on your socials and ask your friends and fam to host you.

3. Hustle your fans

Hit up your social networks (Facebook, Insta, Twitter... whichever's your jam) and ask fans if they would be able to host you. Check in with local spots as well (pubs are always a good bet.... we know booze + music are a lovely combination). Post this link on your socials and ask your fans to host you. 

4. Let us know if you're venturing away from home turf

We have people wanting to hosts gigs all around Oz... So if you're heading outside of your usual area, let us know and we can expand your chances of getting a great gig by suggesting your music to hosts who live in other regions.

5. Be ready for a different space

Parlour Gigs are quite different to normal shows at a pub/bar/venue. EVERYONE is there just to see YOU and there are none of those usual pesky distractions of noisy catch-up drinks/footy on TV in the background/drunken 21st spilling over from another part of venues/etc/etc/etc to compete for the audience's attention. They can be very intimate (which is great!), but they can be a little intimidating... so prepare yourself for a completely engaged audience and be ready to have a good chat with everyone afterwards.

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