Playwrite - HOLY DAYS

A superbly stunning place for live music is an understatement for the likes of The Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo. High ceilings with old wooden rafters, peeling paint and exposed brick. You only need to add fairy lights and some candles and it looks something like dream. Decrepitly beautiful.

What better way to begin Holy Days than with Playwrite. Their beautifully haunting melodies were a happy marriage with the space they echoed and they stopped the audience in their tracks. With touching, personal lyrics and a couple of hilariously long and sometimes unnecessary song introductions from Patrick, we were with the band from start to untimely finish.

There’s one last Holy Days show left on the 25th of October. Don’t miss out on seeing Jess Ribiero in this amazing venue. Tickets here

Review by Glenn Luck
Photos by Ellie McCooey
Video by Glenn Luck