Tom Dockray

By the time we arrived at Dani and Chris' place for a very special naming ceremony for their new arrival, it was almost 36 degrees celsius! For some reason, you really feel it in the bush. It was HOT. Thankfully, we were greeted with many smiles from our hosts, the aroma of pig on a spit nearby, and a very cold glass of Chris' own (and very bloody good) home-brew. Perfect.

I should also add that by the time we arrived Phoebe Daicos had launched into her set. Her voice is smoky, soft, warm and incredibly impactful. I love the lazy blues feel of the music. She sounds like she's been listening to a lot of Billie Holiday. Her accompaniment comes in the form of a bass player - tapping away casually.

We settle back in a chair with our beers, snap a few pictures, and soak up the beautiful bush gig that Dani and Chris have created here. 

At this point, I thought I might hand the review over to our headliner, Tom Dockray...

I’d been looking forward to celebrating the birth of baby Harlow with Dani and Chris ever since they asked me to come play. I arrived late, as usual for a Sunday morning, but not too late to enjoy the heartwarming speeches and a heaving plate or two of the most delicious local spit roasted lamb and pork. I even tried the salad. 

Chris then pointed me in the direction of his home brewed beer before sending me down the hill of their beautiful garden to set up and play. I was stoked when he asked me to play in front of his 1970's F-150 pickup truck. While I was playing, I took a moment to inhale a panorama or two of the magical outdoor setting among the gum trees. Playing outdoors always feels special, and the hot summer sounds of crickets and smells of the bush provided a perfect setting for the dope tunes I was providing. The waft of the BBQ and the clamour of good looking people getting to know each other better made me feel like a million bucks. Quintessential Australia. 

There you have it. A perfect day. Thank you Tom, Phoebe, Dani, Chris and baby Harlow!

Photos by Justin Kane & Bonnie Moir.