Laura Jean

On Valentine’s Day, 2015, we hosted a small Parlour gig at our house in Carlton North. We invited about 25 of our closest friends to come and enjoy Laura Jean’s music. My partner, Jess, and I had set up a small stage in the backyard. We used fairylights as a backdrop because, let’s face it, a Valentine’s Day without fairylights is sacrilege. I cooked pizzas and bossed any nearby guests into handing them out. The guests provided their own alcohol and conversation. We provided the atmosphere and food. Matt from Parlour provided the microphone and speakers. Laura Jean provided the soul.

 It was an easygoing night. Laura played her revealing pop-folk songs to an attentive audience. I had seen her play live before, but at a venue there is never the intimacy nor the informality. Having her play in our backyard was both intimate and casual. It provided a focus point around which Jess and I could show our friends some hospitality. After the show Laura joined in with the socialising and chatted to guests about her music. Thanks Parlour for making this opportunity available to us. What a cracking night.

Review by host Giuliano Ferla (of Twin Beasts). 

Photos / Video: Bonnie Moir.

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