After having the concept explained to me a few times and discovering that one of my good mates was hosting “one of those house gig thingos” I felt I was ready to expose my love of live music to a new and wondrous setting.

However as I walked up three flights of stairs to an apartment on the other side of town, sweaty after the ride there generally tired after a busy day, I was fully prepared to slump into a corner and indulge in a cheeky pre-show nap.

A string of tea light candles nestled cosily amongst potted plants indicated that I’d found the right place and from that point onward I literally left my worries at the door.

Stepping through the threshold I was greeted by old friends and strangers alike and beers and a wide selection of deli snacks flowed freely as our two entertainers for the evening milled amongst the unfamiliar faces sharing stories and preparing for the nights performance.

The stage was set in the corner of the living room next to an old record player, a string of fairy lights and a desk lamp provided blissfully soft lighting as the twin brother who make up Amistat struck their first chords.

The brothers who often busk on Melbourne’s busiest streets had no problem immediately capturing the attention of the 20 something people huddled around the room. Their well-practiced melodies felt perfectly suited to the scene the Pollards had set for them. Joseph and Jan displayed an intimacy that is only shared by brothers – whimsical guitar countermelodies accompanying vocal harmonies nothing short of angelic.

The best part about the entire experience was the legitimacy of the performance there was no amplification, no sound tech, none of the overpowering noise of a bustling street - just musicians and people.


Just people, sharing their lives with each other – now firm friends laughing and sighing and really feeling something together - a perfect musical dialogue.

Looking in from my place on the balcony I was in awe of this truly unique experience that I was privy to. Upon its conclusion I left nurturing a desire to encourage as many people as I could to have a gig like this in their house, or to attend one with their friends.

There is something totally honest about being placed face to face with talented artist in such a homely venue – It’s not a return to the musical entertainment of yester-year, it’s something totally new and unique and I suggest you check it out.

Review by Guy Aldous

Photo/Video by Bonnie Moir

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