Al Parkinson

I loved being a part of Parlour, I’d been looking forward to it for a while! I was warmly welcomed into a strangers home to play my music…Even though none of the people attending had ever seen me play before. My set was in the afternoon in a gorgeous backyard and the weather was perfect. The yard had been beautifully decorated by Phoebe, the host who invited all of her gorgeous friends and family along. Everyone was so relaxed and attentive. One of the audience members was actually an old friend from high schools Dad! I’m pretty sure that I saw him and said “LAURA’S DAD!”.  It was nice to see a familiar face and one that I wouldn’t have expected to see at one of my shows. I think something that really stood out to me about this show was the number of people who said how great it was to go to and see some music and have their children with them.  It was a really intimate setting and I loved the fact that I was playing in front of kids, which is pretty rare!

For me as a performer, a show where I feel that I can comfortably unplug my guitar and sing a song completely acoustic to a crowd who I’ve never met before is a gig that sticks in your mind for a long time. They’re the ones that you need sometimes to remind you why you write and play music. 

Also, I know how much hard work goes into organising events and the Parlour team do an amazing job. These shows are great for the artist but also create a really unique experience for the audience, I can’t wait to attend a Parlour show as an audience member! 

Review by our artist, Al Parkinson.

Photography / Video by Glenn Luck.