Thelma Plum

When we arrived at Ainsley’s house in North Fitzroy, we couldn't believe the set-up for her Parlour Gig. Persian rugs were laid out, lanterns were hanging from trees and dozens of tea light candles had been lit. There was even a huge cheese platter which was almost too perfect to eat and we were even served garlic prawns with guacamole. Yep.  

After scoffing down enough cheese for a few bad dreams, we were all pretty eager for the beautiful Thelma Plum to start playing. When all the guests had arrived and had a catch up, there was that awkward "Okay, we're really excited now, can she please start!" feeling in the air and everyone started to go quiet.  

Thelma looked like she was in a film when she stepped onto the gorgeous mini-stage that Ainsley had so beautifully set up for her. Thelma's honesty caught us all immediately and you could tell that a number of her stories related to many in the audience. Her songwriting is certainly unique. She's funny, endearing, quirky, gentle and then fierce. I loved looking around to the audience and seeing so many smiles across peoples faces when she sung. Thelma breaks your heart and then puts all the pieces back together again in a matter of minutes.  

During the show, I kept catching myself thinking how lucky we were to have Thelma Plum play to us in such an intimate setting. I'm not sure that any of us will have that chance again. 

I also couldn't believe the effort Ainsley had gone into creating such a wonderful Parlour environment. It was such a reminder of the power a host has to create a beautiful and unique space to really hear and appreciate an artist. 

Here's what one guest, Julie, said about the show: 

"Thelma touched our vulnerabilities as she revealed hers, leaving a bit of herself in what would be another memorable Parlour night filled with magic and inspiration. Parlour once again curated such a lovely, playful and honest interaction."

Thank you Ainsley and Thelma Plum for a beautiful evening.

Video / Photo's by Glenn Luck.