Ben Whiting

This past Sunday a small backyard in Northcote was graced with the acoustic stylings of Ben Whiting

Blankets and pillows were laid across the grass, and sangria served in jars gave refreshing relief from a  typically brutal Melbourne sun. A great crowd of friendly faces took comfort in the shade, as many runs to the bottle shop were made to replenish the sangria. 

Ben’s set was wonderfully natural, adding plenty of humour between songs. The vibe that both Parlour and the host, Hannah, created was very chilled out, I mean who needs an excuse to spend a Sunday eating cheese and drinking wine? I came to catch up with my cousin and ended up meeting many lovely people, also learning that if you flip a milk-crate over, it digs less into your backside.

Around twenty people were present at the show, placing their donations in a large golden pineapple, I happened to buy one of Ben’s CDs as well.

The gig was highly refreshing. Just close friends relaxing in the shade, drinking sangria and sharing beautiful music in an inner city backyard. I also liked the fact that a large portion of funds raised went directly to Ben. 

Parlour's model is greatly supportive of the artist, who often get the short end of the stick when playing licensed venue's.  

As an aspiring musical artist myself, I find Parlour to be tapping into such a rich gap in the market. I love the idea of people being able to share their favourite live acts with their closest compadres, while also walking away with a thicker wallet.

Review by Don Sheil.

Video / Photography by Glenn Luck.