Grand Salvo

And the band played on.

We had the great pleasure of hosting Melbourne song Smith Paddy Mann who plays under the moniker Grand Salvo.

His dulcet tones and narrative driven folk kept the full house warm and cosy as the widely predicted (but strongly denied) 100% chance of rain pelted down outside where we’d constructed a giant moon that lit up the courtyard.

So very uncharacteristic of Melbourne weather to turn on us like that. 

Enough about the weather.

Retreating to the lounge room, Paddy weaved through a set of sorrowful tunes that commanded full attention, tip toeing to the toilet and the cracking of tinnies in-between songs. 

The perfect setting for a ‘parlour’ gig in the true sense of the word. Parlour meaning a private audience chamber for guests. 

Listening to Grand Salvo play you can’t help but feel he’s letting you in on his most private secrets. It was a privilege to have him perform in front of a bevy of our closest friends and most gracious guests.

Thank you kindly for turning a rainy old night into a special one.

Review by hosts Mark & Laura.

Video by Glenn Luck.

Photo's by Joshua Braybrook