Lisa Mitchell

Last Tuesday’s Parlour Gig was as intimate and ‘out of the way’ as you’d expect. The venue – a cavernous warehouse conversion down a back street in Abbotsford – in reality felt cosy and inviting, with warm lighting via exposed light bulbs strung from the roof and plenty of comfy places to loll and perch. Dreamy anime danced across the back wall; and there was freshly brewed tea for those who didn’t BYO.

Our unassuming host Neeko (aka Anita) was gracious and pleased to welcome 40 of us into her home. She could sing too, leading us through an accomplished set of beguiling acoustic numbers.

The crowd was relaxed as Lisa Mitchell then took to the stage. She had to contend with an unreliable old tape recorder, but her demeanour was endearingly unpretentious. Not even a joking reference to ‘ratty’ Melbourne by the Sydneysider could diminish her charm. It helped that Mitchell had brought with her a cool-headed accompanist, a rich collection of songs, and her sublime voice, which really captivates when it takes flight.

The fact that all the proceeds from the evening went to the Nepal earthquake relief effort also meant this was an event with heart. 

With endless possibilities in this city, it’s fun to imagine where a Parlour Gig might pop up next.

Review by guest, Leigh Nicholas.

Photos by Joshua Braybrook.

Video by Glenn Luck.