Dan Kelly

Being part of the Parlour community fuses together a mixture of the unexpected, the creative, the inspiring and the magical and the finale of our June Winter Series at Magic Johnston last Wednesday was no exception.

Standing in the cool breeze of the open door watching people arrive one by one, two by two and in groups, I feel my excitement building. I started working with Parlour four weeks ago and I’m welcoming smiling, happy people at the door.  Echoes of laughter and lively conversation fill the eaves of the white warehouse space which has been successfully transformed every Wednesday this June into a cosy musical haven complete with fluffy cushions, blankets and candle light. 

From the back of the room, I watch Dan Kelly perform, noticing the crowd listening intently to his every word. Articulate and witty, Dan’s songs are truly funny and heart-warming. As we sip on spiced mulled wine, connected to the music while cuddled up under warm blankets, we laugh along to the comedic story-telling genius that is singer-songwriter Dan Kelly.

With beautiful harmonious backing vocals sung by his two Kelly cousins Memphis and Maddy, Dan’s songs tell tales of relatable every-day human interactions and suburban & international adventures. I find myself laughing out loud on multiple occasions, enveloped in a musical warmth that no amount of mulled wine can bring. 

My favourite moment of all is tied up in what is fast becoming a Parlour tradition, an invitation for the crowd to sing-along. Dan invited us to join into the chorus of his underwater sensation Bindi Irwin Apocalypse Jam. Repeat after me: ‘Ooh wee, Ooh wee, Bindi & Me, Bindi & Me. Ooh wee, Ooh wee, Apocalypse Jam, Under the Sea.’  To top it all off, Dan even incorporated a choose-your-own-adventure scenario into his set, where we had the choice of guitar solo, or (I can’t remember the other choice) but I certainly don’t regret our decision. 

Unique moments like these seem to be becoming a regular enjoyable occurrence at Parlour and I look forward to enjoying many more.  I hope to meet you at a Parlour Community Gig in the near future - I’ll be the one smiling at the front door.

Review by Parlour Gigs Coordinator - Tash Johanna. 

Photography by Monique Pizzica

Video by Glenn Luck