Forest Falls

Preparing for a Parlour gig is equal parts excitement and slight trepidation; especially as an artist/host. Exposing your art to a willing and gorgeously quiet audience in the raw intimacy of your own lounge room is confronting, yes, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. It gives a sparkling new life to your work, presenting it in the very context in which it was born: your own space. It was an experience my band, Forest Falls will look to recreate in the future.

On the day of the gig, we decked out the lounge room in fairy lights and got the mulled wine happening on the stove. Our aim was to invite people to experience the space as their own; to feel comfortable and relaxed and have a simple night in.

Matt and the Parlour crew were spectacular to work with. They helped us shape the experience to our liking and sell it as a concert, with creative control and the modest but ultimately very welcome profits landing almost entirely in the hands of the artist. Parlour’s approach is a rare but welcome addition to the music industry; there’s no “middle man” and as a host/artist you’re charged with the exciting responsibility of creating an experience for your audience, which is exactly what we're born to do anyway.

Review by Lucy Rash
Photos and Video by Glenn Luck

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