Jordie Lane

Early evening on Sunday the 9th, just before the last light left Penders Park, we found ourselves in Thornbury. At the ruggedly handsome weatherboard home of the wonderfully lovely hosts Sally and Mandy, we gathered in company of the equally rugged good looks of Thornbury’s very own, Jordie Lane.

This was the first of four Oxfam partnered gigs, to raise money and awareness for the world’s most vulnerable people. For the sake of this cause, successfully cramming forty odd humans into a small lounge room never felt so right.

Jordie, having just arrived back from a two-week stint playing songs by The Beatles at the Sydney Opera House, adapted superbly to a much smaller (yet just as eager) crowd.
His heartbreakingly beautiful songs were punctuated by facts of Jordie’s local upbringing; his first kiss, trading skateboards for pornos and early drunken experiences in the park just over the road.

Jordie Lane broke our hearts with his songs and mended them again with his charming and witty banter.

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Review by Glenn Luck
Photos and Video by Glenn Luck