Sweet Jean

Over in Seddon last Saturday evening and into a cosy, warm cottage like home with the welcoming and generous hospitality of Lou. A selection of Red or White wine, strawberries, and popcorn, all manned by an incredibly well qualified barkeep.

Cushions and stools lined the small lounge room, with a couch at the head to act as a stage for Sweet Jean (Sime Nugent and Alice Keath). With their soft country vocals and precise harmonies, they sucked us in and lead us through their set with intriguing melodies and beautiful songwriting.

On a night where I felt a little sore and sorry from the previous nights festivities, I couldn’t help but forget my hangover as I was soothed by Sime and Alice from the comfort of a warm lounge room.

Review by Glenn Luck
Photos and Video by Glenn Luck