Millar Jukes & the Bandits

To Brunswick St on a Friday evening and to a bar I’ve found myself in on various occasions and in various states, Baxter’s Lot.
Up a set of creaky stairs and into a small room, with a great view of the busyness of Brunswick St. A chandelier hung low over the centre of the room and barely enough space to swing a cat. It was gonna be a cosy one.

A jovially lubricated crowd welcomed the band to the stage, with heckling and retorts being thrown like the cat I was talking about earlier. But beyond the witty banter were incredibly catchy riffs, clever melodies and very tight timing changes, which is what you’ll find with Melbourne based four piece, Millar Jukes & the Bandits.

Friends scattered through the crowd were singing along to songs. The music had such an ease and familiarity I felt like I should have been singing too. An hour or so after leaving the gig I found the tune, ‘Be Mine’ (captured in the video above), lodged firmly in my head. By no means a bad thing, quite the laudable feat considering I’d only heard the song once.

Review by Glenn Luck
Photos and Video by Glenn Luck