Jim Lawrie

Benji cooked up a storm for his guests to enjoy before the nights entertainment was to commence. We sat around Benji’s lounge room in Northcote, with plates of home cooked food on our laps and took part in somewhat of a family meal.

Suitably content, we topped our glasses as Jim Lawrie prepared himself to perform. The lights were dimmed to set the mood and we embarked on a compilation of delicate songs with captivating vocals. Jim was soft and gentle in his delivery, with powerful and uplifting bursts that exhilarated the room.

After Jim’s set, followed by a deserving encore, Benji’s hospitality continued to impress with the addition of Benoffee Pie to the menu. We were filled to the brim with home cooked delights and beautifully crafted songs.

Review by Glenn Luck
Photos and Video by Glenn Luck