Anna Cordell

An A – Frame sign, with ‘Anna Cordell & Friends’ pointed me towards a long, tree-covered driveway. As I rounded a corner I was met by a small market place; barista made coffee, fresh homegrown fruit and vegetables, homemade honey and other wares, and a stage setup with ample sitting room, all of this positioned to perfection in the front yard of our wonderful hosts, Maxine and Simon.

I took a seat on the grass in front of a hay bale and basked in the late Spring sun.


Anna Cordell took to the stage with a full band in tail, consisting of violin, cello, drums, bass and back up vocals.  Anna’s music is incredibly honest, in her songwriting and her singing voice. Her  lyrics and the sweet, soft vocals combine to create incredibly intriguing and engaging music.

Review by Glenn Luck
Photos & Video by Glenn Luck