Jordie Lane & Clare Reynolds

Host, Kath told a story of the first time she heard the Jordie Lane song, ‘I Could Die Looking at You’. She was in a clothing store and when the song came on, everyone in the shop stopped in their tracks and listened. When the song ended the lady at the counter, still in a daydream from the charmingly romantic song, broke the silence, “Imagine someone singing that song to you…

Much like that story, Jordie and Clare Reynolds stopped the whole room in their tracks.
Such a powerfully talented musicians, songwriters and storytellers, Jordie and Clare took us through a journey of old and new tunes, including songs from the latest album, Glasshellland (which ‘A Piece of Land’ in the video above is on).

Jordie is cruising around the country on tour with Parlour for the release of the album.
Definitely pick yourself up a copy.