Parlour's 1st Birthday Featuring The Teskey Brothers

In late 2015 in the back streets of Northcote we found Merring Studio, an open plan warehouse come photography studio owned by local artist, Kristian. With a vast open space, high ceilings, an impressive lighting system, and the quirky addition of a huge terrarium beside the stage, Merring studio was the perfect setting for our 1st birthday bash.

On a Sunday evening in late January, the candle-lit space was filled with music enthusiasts, friends, family and local residents who shared drinks and chatter, before The Teskey Brothers took the stage to delight guests with their soulful Bluesey tunes.

Between sets our host, Kristian and the band shared drinks with friends and mingled with the crowd, creating a relaxed atmosphere that had guests dancing to the irresistible beat by the bands' second set.

A slightly larger scale version of our initial house-concert vision, Parlour's first birthday bash at Merring studio proved that live music is best served in an intimate setting, where the artists are able to enjoy themselves in the company of a guests who appreciate and respect the experience that they are being given. 

Review by Juliette Lalli 

Video by Monique Pizzica