Rowena Wise

I first saw Rowena Wise play at a Parlour gig early last year. It was, I think, Parlour’s third gig, and held in the backyard of a friend’s place in North Carlton. She was, and still is, a beautiful artist to watch and listen to. I bought her EP at the last gig and have been playing it in the office since, so coming to see her play in Thornbury I was familiar with many of the songs and could hum along in my head. She writes really great songs…there is so much talent there.

At dinner the other night a friend and I were talking about what it means to host or attend a Parlour gig, and we were commenting on how it sets up this wonderful relationship with the performing artist- where you feel like you’re backing them. There is an emotional connection forged between audience/host and artist which ultimately means when you follow them along in their career you feel a strange sense of pride in their progression. You are on their side – and it feels good.

I felt a bit like this when I sat on a cushion at Anna and Adam’s place watching Rowena spin a spell over the room. Anna had set up the place beautifully and cooked delicious nibbles, and it was a diverse and contemplative crowd. People sat cross-legged on the floor or on various bits of furniture and listened to a young and very talented artist sing her art. They, it seemed, were captivated just like me.  Parlour is spreading the love, and it’s a really good thing. Amen.

Review by Lizzie Hamer

Video by Monique Pizzica

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