Tucked away in Carlton North there was a sweet little house that provided the perfect setting for singer/songwriter Woodes to showcase her many talents to one of the most attentive and respectful audiences I have ever seen.

Upon walking in to the house it was immediately apparent that there had been a lot of effort involved in creating the atmosphere. The host, Gabby had set up the space beautifully with candles and flowers behind all the keyboards and equipment, which created a magical looking area for the performance.

After some initial technical difficulties the performance was under way and a hush fell over the room, it is not often you see thirty odd people completely transfixed by a performance to the point where they are completely silent.

delivered a beautiful set. Her tone is very gentle, but her voice still holds quite a lot of power; her performance was very genuine and enchanting. From the little stories she told about each of her songs it seemed there was a magical theme to a lot of her tracks. When performing she uses mystical looking hand movements that make it seem like she is literally pulling the notes in the music out of the song and into the air so the audience can connect to the track. Included in the 45 minute set were original tracks, collaborative tracks and a couple of covers including a stunning rendition of Jack Garratt’s ‘The Love You’re Given’. She is releasing an EP this year and performed a few of the tracks that will feature on it including her recently released single ‘Daggers and Knives’.

In addition to the release of her debut EP she will also be touring overseas within the next few months. This girl oozes talent and charisma; she will definitely be one to keep an eye out for this year

Review by Brittany de Groot
Photos and Video by Monique Pizzica