Oh Pep!

A night of laughter, old friends and the sweet music from Peppy and Olivia of Oh Pep! Set down by Merri Creek, in a humble double fronted cottage which warmly welcomed our assembly of beer drinking, corn chip crunching individuals into the fairy-lit comfort of its backyard.

Provided for as though we were family by host Kat and her superb culinary skills. Wholesome food in our bellies and a cheery (beery) haze and good company all around, we settled in to watch the stripped back duo of Oh Pep! take the stage.

Oh Pep! tracked out their pending full length album from start to finish in achingly beautiful fashion.

While the dark beauty of their music kept us quiet and eager for more, there were many moments where the duo’s dry sense of humour broke the ice, and the night became an entertaining and sentimental experience for everyone present.

Indeed it was a special night for Parlour, and all who were fortunate enough to attend.

Review by Hannah Campbell
Photos by Glenn Luck and Sophie Townsend
Video by Glenn Luck and Sophie Townsend