Mia Dyson

With her hand in mine, Kerry looks up at me, tears streaming down her face, “Is this really happening or is it a dream? Pinch me!”

When the doorbell range at 7.05pm at our little three bedroom villa unit in Keilor Downs, none of the small group of friends who had gathered knew what was behind the door.  A pizza and beer night at ours was the invitation I extended.  “Mid-week?” many of them questioned my choice of night. “Just come over, it’ll be a great night!”

Yes, the pizza was there.  So was the beer.  They had no idea however, that for a couple of weeks I had been planning, with the HUGE help of Matt from Parlour Gigs, a surprise gig by none other than Mia Dyson in our backyard.  For weeks I had kept the surprise under wraps…and now here it was, the night had arrived.

To say Mia Dyson is a musical IDOL amongst our friendship circle would be the greatest understatement.  Her music forms the backdrop of so many wonderful memories for us….it seems to be the common thread that binds us together. The soundtrack of many of our friendships.

For my partner Kerry, Mia’s music is a soft place to land.  It helps her make sense of the world when confusion reigns supreme. It is happiness and pure toe tapping joy. So, to have Kerry open the door and have Mia standing on the other side was a surreal experience for her to say least.  Squeals of excitement filled the house, and I dare say spilled out into the street. (Sorry Mia, you must have wondered what was going on!!!)  Relief surged through my body.  I had pulled it off.  The surprise went off without a hitch.

We spent the evening in the garden, fairy lights up, candles dotted around the plants, floating tea lights in the bird bath! Mia had us all in the palm of her hand. Her voice, unfaltering.  Her guitar playing transported us to another world!  With the start of each song, goose bumps.  Was this night really happening?  Was Mia Dyson actually playing a gig in our house?  

Some songs called for dancing on the lawn, but for some there was absolute stillness that overcame the intimate audience as we each sat on the milk crates (make shift chairs). We couldn’t take our eyes and ears off Mia.  We wanted this moment to last forever.

Mia, as a performer, never disappoints.  An amazing artist; an even better person.

Thank you Parlour Gigs! It was an idea I had, just a thought, a dream that you made possible.  I still can’t believe it happened.

With her hand in mine, Kerry looks up at me, tears streaming down her face, “Is this really happening or is it a dream? Pinch me!”

I give her hand a gentle squeeze and whisper in her ear,   “It’s real darling, and it’s all for you”.

Review by Host: Irene Christopoulos

Video by Sophie Townsend