Gretta Ray

It finally happened. A Parlour gig took place at a house that was featured Grand Designs!

Liz & Adrian's place is a spectacular converted old vinegar factory in the backstreets of Northcote. Incredibly detailed and unique; you truly what good design can bring to a space. Clearly I'm a fan.

Anyway, you couldn't ask for a more beautiful and arresting location for a Parlour gig featuring the astonishing Gretta Ray

Gretta and her sidekick, Connor delivered a stunning set of acoustic goodness. Man can this kid write. I particularly loved her of Blake Mills' 'Hey Lover,' a song I actually believe she could have written. The delivery is earnest and packed full of authenticity. There's nothing like seeing someone destined for such big things, in such a beautiful, intimate setting.

I started working at Parlour a few months ago and have been blown away by the level of talent on their database. Your next favourite artist could truly be in your postcode. It's a whole new world. 

Video by our mates Indieplayers.

Review by Pat from Parlour.