Rowena Wise

This gig happened back in April, when the weather was nicer and outdoor gigs were an obvious choice and not a novelty. Well now winter is slowly drawing to a close and spring is upon us!
So I thought I'd remind you what its like to wear a t-shirt outside, with this wonderful gig from the stunningly brilliant Rowena Wise.

A shaky start when Rowie opened her guitar case to find the neck of her guitar snapped courtesy of the Jetstar baggage handlers... (accompanying image below) 
But with wonderful host Marisa's nylon string at hand, the show could go on!

Rowena Wise will be releasing her much awaited debut album on September 9th,and will be playing at venues around Australia (see details here) as well as a Parlour Tour!
Book Rowie to play at your house here.

Tree lined views, blue skies and live music is the perfect way to welcome in the warmer weather. So scrape off the BBQ and drag out the esky and book in a Parlour Gig, because there's nothing like wishful thinking to make it come quicker.

Summary, Photos and Video by Glenn Luck