Josh Rennie-Hynes

A house full of friends, a tub full of Melbourne cans and a musician full of talent, all the ingredients for a quintessential Parlour Gig! Although no two gigs are the same, there is a very unique thing all Parlour Gigs share; it’s community, comfort, respect and simultaneous admiration, all bundled into a disgustingly semi-romantic ball of ‘loveliness’. So yeah… this gig was that…

Host Ellen was perfectly hospitable, with a ‘the more the merrier!’ kinda vibe. We squished around thirty peeps into an adorably decorated lounge-room, where alt country singer-songwriter Josh Rennie-Hynes was ready to roll.
The cosy room and close-knit friendship group lent itself to the interactive nature of the gig, along with Josh’s ability to include everyone in his music. (Perfect example in the accompanying video… have a squiz)

It’s more than fair to say that Josh made himself a bunch of extra fans and Ellen was responsible for creating an experience that no one there will forget any time soon.
A clinical Parlour experience. Bravo!

Summary, Photos and Vid by Glenn Luck