Tinpan Orange

Having run Parlour for the last 16 months, there have been times in the process where you have huge realisations and massive breakthroughs. It’s so important for us to be constantly changing the way we think, in order for us to try and change how the music industry thinks.

Enter Tinpan Orange. A band that has been on the scene and in the touring circuit for the best part of a decade. An unbelievably talented trio, every one of their live performances I’ve witnessed has been as incredible, if not more, than the last. And this gig was no exception. Hosts Stephanie and Tim, turned their bedroom into a stage, opening out onto their deck. With strings of lights hung from the ceiling, homebrew in the fridge and a plethora of snacks, it was picture perfect!

What you would call veterans of Parlour, Tinpan Orange have been there from the early days and as of April this year had played a handful of Parlour Gigs. Whilst organising a venue tour of the country, they had the idea of filling out their empty dates with a tour of homes and asked if we could help facilitate.

Talk about a light bulb moment! Parlour Tours is an absolute game-changer for artists, hosts and the whole Australian touring circuit. So a massive thankyou to Em, Jesse and Alex and their incredible manager Lior, as well as all the people who hosted them around Australia over the last few months. It’s been wild!

Review, Photos and Video by Glenn Luck