Dan Parsons

Helen and her housemates welcomed us into their home on a relaxing Sunday night. With homemade chocolate cake and a freshly made batch of mulled cider, apples picked and pressed by Helen herself.

In a room, occupied by only a piano seat and a lamp, we gathered on the floor to enjoy the soft captivating music of singer songwriter Dan Parsons. Dan guided us through his set gracefully, giving us the stories that inspired his songs, with intricate guitar picking and gentle vocals to warm us on a cold winter evening.

Helen, the host of the night said after the gig she felt weak at the knees and that the closeness of house concerts make you feel more “intimately connected with the process of making music.” And with the ease that Dan invited us in, you can’t help but feel like you are somehow a part of it.

Review by Glenn Luck.

Photos and Videos by Glenn Luck