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"Harry plays that banjo with all the revered spirit of the 'ole timey' while lighting a new exciting virtuosic flame underneath it" – John Butler

Harry Jakamarra is an Alt-Country songwriter from Broome, WA who lives and tours in a converted fire truck.

Harry was inspired to begin playing the guitar after seeing the Warumpi band perform at age 12. Soon after he picked up the 5-string banjo and became a regular at local venues. Harry also developed a fascination with Indian Classical slide-guitar and throughout his teens travelled to India to formally study with the gurus of Hindustani slide.

Back at home in the Kimberley, working as a crocodile skinner, he was rapidly becoming a local favorite at gigs, as well as garnering the esteem of touring artists such as John Butler, Paul Kelly and The Waifs.

His inspirations to him to Mali, in North Africa, to seek out the origins of the ‘Claw hammer’ Banjo style. Mali was in a state of civil turmoil, due to a major Tuareg uprising. Harry travelled to Timbuktu to be mesmerized by artists such as Tinariwen and Vieux Farka Toure at the mysterious ‘Festival au Desert’. Gun battles raged nearby between Tuareg rebels and the Malian military and at the end of the festival Harry narrowly escaped with his life.

At 25 years old Harry has already had a lifetime of interesting adventures. His captivating stories manifest in dark, emotionally charged songs. His powerful poetry, original voice and raw, intricate banjo and guitar sounds are exquisitely framed in his latest recording, produced by Australian music legend Jeff Lang.

Kicking off at Woodford Folk Fest, Harry will be touring this EP along the east coast, early in 2018

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