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 13th -26th OCTOBER

Herriot Row is the new musical moniker of Auckland, New Zealand-based songwriter Simon Comber. Comber began writing songs after moving from Auckland to Dunedin in the early thousands to study composition and literature. By the end of his first year he’d won a composition prize for his efforts, awarded by Graeme Downes, music lecturer at Otago University and songwriter for iconic Dunedin band The Verlaines.

Whilst back in Auckland for the summer, Comber was spotted performing by Split Enz founding member Mike Chunn and Crowded House frontman Neil Finn. They were impressed enough by his concise, articulate songs to suggest he record his debut album at Finn’s Roundhead Studios.

Comber went on to release two albums and an E.P under his own name, garnering comparisons to such acclaimed artists as Bill Callahan, Joni Mitchell and Don McGlashan along the way. His captivating live performances led to a national tour with The Chills, shows in Australia supporting The Verlaines, and a tour of America with indie rock icon Barbara Manning.  

The debut Herriot Row album Lesser Stars was recorded in San Francisco with revered analogue producer John Vanderslice, known for his work with the Mountain Goats and Spoon. It finds finds Comber setting a wide range of poetic narratives to a spontaneous recording aesthetic which brings the album closer to the warmth and fragility of his live shows. 

' . . .but here's someone who really deserves the singer/songwriter title,' stated Nick Bollinger in his review  for Radio New Zealand, 'because he does both close to perfection.' 'His debut as Herriot Row . . . confirms our belief that he is one of our finest singer-songwriters,' wrote Graham Reid for Elsewhere.

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