"Could I host a Parlour Gig at my place? 

Yes. It doesn't matter how small, how weird or how funky your abode is, you can host a Parlour Gig at your place. We've been to gigs in kitchens and backyards. We've even witnessed a pretty spectacular performance in a bathroom. Parlour gigs don't just have to be in houses. Have you got an interesting space you'd like to use? 

 The key here is to use your imagination! How would you like to express yourself in hosting a Parlour gig at your place? If you think you want to host, fill out the Host Form and get the ball rolling.

"Does it cost a lot of money to host a show at my place?"

No. Here's a typical budget for a house gig:

Tea light candles: $3

Fairy lights: $5

Or use what you already have. Old lamps can be stage lights you know. You'll be surprised how easy and cheap it is to pull a Parlour gig together. 

Most of our hosts ask their invited guests to BYO.  Parlour gigs are all about sharing. Just like any gathering, bring something to say thank you to your host for having you. 

What about P.A's and stuff? 

We've got that covered. If your Parlour Gig requires a P.A. we can set you up with one. There is a small hire fee, but that is taken out of total ticket sales so you don't have to worry about it. 

What about Insurance and stuff? 

We provide public liability insurance for your event. For more info - email: info@parlourgigs.com

"Will randoms turn up at my place?"

Parlour is an invite only platform. You choose the guest list. After we have confirmed the date and Artist for your Parlour Gig, we will send you a secret ticket store link that you can send to your friends to buy tickets to your Parlour Gig. You sign off on the guest list before your address is sent to your guests. 

"How do I get the artist I want to play at my house?"

Easy. Fill out the Host form and we'll do our very best to book your dream artist for you. If they aren't available to play, we'll find another artist to play at your Parlour gig. 

"Do I need to pay the artist?"

We take care of that with our online ticketing service. Together with the artist, we will negotiate a ticket price that suits everybody. The money from the tickets you sell to your friends will be paid to the artist after their performance.

Got another question? Contact us