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“Jae Laffer’s vivid songs have a voice of their own - Modern hymns for a generation, anthems of rash joy and quiet heartbreak”- The Daily Mail

"With years of acclaimed song writing accreditation up his sleeves, Laffer began a set full of Panics hits. Laffer’s music is nothing short of mind-blowing and his vocals are draped in vintage class”  - Drum Media

Jae Laffer is recognised as one of Australia’s finest songwriters; with his band The Panics he has crafted several albums worth of classic songs that embrace both stark intimacy and unapologetic grandeur. In the UK his songs have been compared to a cross between Dylan and Echo and The Bunnymen; they stand alongside the work of Paul Kelly, The Triffids and The Go-Betweens as important touchstones on the Australian music landscape.  

The Panics won an ARIA and Triple J ‘Album of the Year’ for ‘Cruel Guards’ and the single “Don’t fight it” became a Triple J hit anthem and was used to dramatic effect in TV series “Underbelly”. The album is considered a classic at home and abroad. The band built a solid following in the UK  selling out gigs across the country where ‘Cruel Guards’ received ecstatic reviews and the single “Don’t Fight It” enjoyed high rotation across the nation’s airwaves. Laffer and his band The Panics have recently released their 5th album “Hole in Your Pocket”, which filters a majestic union of sound and poetry to create something both strange and eerily familiar, instantly arresting in its melodies and images but slow to reveal every layer of shared experience.  

In 2013 Jae Laffer wrote and recorded his first solo album ‘When the iron glows red’ between Melbourne and New York City. Laffer played the majority of instruments produced the recording; maintaining a keen focus on keeping the songs short and to the point. As always, Jae’s song writing found him asking the same questions he has always asked with each record. “To me, it’s always been a similar starting point: ‘Where I at am, and what’s happened since the last record?”. The lyrical content of his solo record is based on his own experiences and also through the eyes of the people around him in the workplace. The album has an overall theme; dealing with the challenges of life and work while balancing it with trying to realise your dreams and ambitions. 

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