Join the Parlour Family



Parlour has a huge emphasis on beautiful, well crafted content.
We've built a style around the experience of a Parlour Gig from an audience perspective, capturing the intimacy and uniqueness of gigs in peoples homes.

We're looking for content creators all around Australia who have their own equipment (camera & sound), can edit video and love live music.


Every Parlour Gig is unique and carefully curated by hosts. With the intimacy of house concerts, the connection between artist and audience is always electric. 

We're looking for writers from all over Australia who are observant, enjoy writing about interesting experiences and have a love of live music.


Will I get paid?

Yes, we pay all of our content creators. You will need an ABN so you can invoice us for your time.

How frequent is the work?

When a gig pops up in your area we'll contact you and see if you're available to shoot and or review the gig. This is not regular work, rather infrequent contract based work. 

Need more info? Email us on