“Take pieces of Jeff Tweedy, Ron Sexsmith and Jackson Browne, melt them down in a beautiful crucible of music and you end up with Jordie Lane: a truly diverse folk musician”  - FBI Radio

Jordie Lane returns to Australia, with his first full length studio album in 5 years, Glasselland (pronounced Glas-Hell- Land).A bold and adventurous record, that sees Lane extend his musical boundaries far beyond his previous acclaimed Folk and Alt. Country sound.

Imagine Rufus Wainwright is drinking tequila with Neil Young. In walks Paul McCartney, arm in arm with Neil Finn discussing the demise of human connection.

Renowned for both his relentless international touring schedule and comedic storytelling, it’s Lane’s unique guitar style and the unmistakable character of his voice that is, simply otherworldly.

Accompanied by the multi-talented singer/songwriter Clare Reynolds on among other things, a Guitar Case Drum, they've been sharing their immensely powerful harmonies and unique instrumentation right across the globe with coveted appearances at Philadelphia Folk Festival(US), Edmonton, Calgary & Winnipeg Folk Festivals (Canada) and Celtic Connections (Scotland). And coveted appearances on American National Public Radio's 'Folk Alley' and 'Mountain Stage'. 

Jan - Feb - March 2017 - EAST COAST AUS (Metro / Regional)

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